Discover the single best view of Petite Anse Bay in the Seychelles from high atop a granite plateau, where you’ll sketch the picture-perfect setting for your own postcard. Created exclusively by Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, your personalized art class begins with a light 15-minute hike through cinnamon and takamaka trees to a natural clearing selected by locally renowned artist Nigel Henri. Having grown up in the Seychelles, the oldest granitic islands in the world, Henri is celebrated for his depictions of local scenes. With his expert eye, Henri will guide your gaze over azure waters, coral-lined coast and lush hillside foliage, and show you how to use the materials provided to sketch or paint your own impression of the dramatic landscape. Your work, finished by Nigel if you so wish, will be scanned to create your own postcards and mailed to your home along with your original artwork for framing – a permanent reminder of your stay in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Reservations: (248) 439 3000. This experience is subject to Nigel Henri’s availability and must be booked at least three days in advance. Other artists may be booked upon request.

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