Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

John Davison

“Always remaining focused on our long-term goals and staying true to our strategic pillars even in challenging times has been the key to the company’s success, and will continue to be in the years and decades to come.”


John is responsible for the financial activities of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, including worldwide financial reporting and management, forward planning, taxation and treasury activities, as well as information systems and technology.

“We have a strong operating model, a long-term approach to doing business and we will never sacrifice the quality of our product,” he says. “This combination has helped us achieve our leadership position in the industry today and will propel us forward to meet our goals of further expansion in the future.”


John’s highly qualified teams in Corporate Finance, Operations Finance and Information Systems and Technology support all aspects of the company from managing the existing portfolio of hotels and residences to developing new properties, and managing the company’s financial affairs.