President, Hotel Operations - Asia Pacific

Rainer Stampfer

“We can never stand still.  The important thing is to know when to walk slowly, and when to sprint ahead.”

With responsibility for Four Seasons hotel operations throughout the vast Asia Pacific region, Rainer Stampfer oversees a diverse and growing portfolio of hotels, resorts and private residences as the company continues to strengthen its presence across the region.


Fully one third of Four Seasons development projects are now in Asia Pacific, and China continues to be an area of strategic importance for the company. Leveraging his operational experience as a general manager and regional vice president in China, Rainer leads the regional hotel teams in deepening their knowledge of the world’s largest luxury market, while evolving product and service offerings for visitors to the country and outbound Chinese travellers.


Across the region, from Sydney to Mumbai, Seoul and beyond, Rainer is focused on ensuring today’s sophisticated luxury consumer -  from travellers to locals alike - experience the highest standards of quality and the unmatched level of service that they have come to expect in every Four Seasons hotel and resort around the world.


Delivering this level of service excellence consistently means hiring the very best people in every market, and talent development is a key priority for Rainer. Just as the company personalises the guest experience at Four Seasons, so does it customise the career track for its employees, thus placing the right people in the most suitable roles at the optimal time in their careers.


“We’re culture carriers, expressing our brand values through our daily interactions with guests, owners and business partners,” says Rainer. He believes that anticipating, innovating and making subtle, and at times, bold moves is a mantra not just for executives but for every employee of Four Seasons.


“As we move forward, we must distinguish between the decisions that are mission critical – those that require the full force of our expertise and experience – versus those where we can afford to take risks.  Our advantage is in the ability of our people to tell the difference.”