Four Seasons Bogota (Casa Medina)


Bogota is the gateway to both commerce and growing tourism in Colombia. Nearly one-third of the country's domestic companies are headquartered in this modern city of skyscrapers. Yet the capital also reflects its colonial past, most evident in the charming streetscapes of the old town known as La Candelaria.


The city's many cultural institutions, theatre, music and film festivals, as well as the cultural sophistication of its people (Bogotanians), have earned it the nickname "Athens of South America." In recent years, UNESCO selected it both as a City of Books and a City of Music – and not merely for the sound of the native Colombian cumbia. As Colombia produces more than half the world's emeralds, Bogotá might also be called "Emerald City." Excellent museums dedicated to emeralds and gold are a few of the allures for tourists, as is the contemporary art museum named for Latin America's greatest living artist, the Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero.


When it comes to gastronomy and nightlife, Bogota is a city that eats well and never sleeps. Multiple cosmopolitan food zones include the Zona T – an exclusive enclave in the Zona Rosa, the city's top destination for shopping and nightlife – and the Zona G, a centre for international haute cuisine near the financial district.


Yet Bogota is also a green city that boasts 5,200 parks, including large protected ecosystems amidst the urban bustle, with more eco-tourism destinations just a half-hour drive away.


This unique destination is becoming one of the world's hottest new places to visit.

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