Services & Amenities


Indoor and outdoor fitness studios, private yoga classes, heated lap pools and a jogging track are just a few of the ways you can keep in shape during your stay on the French Riviera.

Every day
8:00 am – 8:00 pm


  • Man swing tennis racket, woman on other side of net

    Brush up your skills with lessons on our clay tennis courts.

  • Man leans over, stretches in yoga pose on purple mat on patio
    Private Fitness Classes

    Yoga and Pilates sessions with a private coach are available for one or two people at a time.

  • People jog down stone steps to coastal pathways, large rocks, sea
    Run Le Cap

    Follow our custom running itinerary through coastal pathways to combine exercise and destination highlights.

  • Man in swim shorts with arms outstretched dives underwater in blue swimming pool
    Indoor and Outdoor Pools

    Swim laps in the sunshine or in our countercurrent, indoor Spa pool.


Fitness Services and Amenities

  • Certified trainers on request
  • Cardio training
  • Biking itineraries
  • Studio and outdoor fitness classes

Fitness and Wellness Services

Swimming Lessons
Instructor Pierre Gruneberg has taught swimming here every season since 1951. Lessons with Pierre – a rite of passage for the children of Charlie Chaplin, the Kennedys and Paul McCartney – are a must for Côte d’Azur visitors.
Open-Water Swimming
Challenge yourself with an exciting, open-water swimming session, accompanied by one of our coaches.
Recover from a tough workout with a session on our hydrotherapy circuit, which includes men’s and women’s private steam rooms and saunas, a sensorial shower, a whirlpool bath and an ice fountain.
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