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Our enviable location in the countryside of the Mae Rim Valley makes it easy to create lasting memories for your group. Let our local experts craft an enriching itinerary of both on- and off-site activities, tailored to your group’s size and preferences – many made possible through our exclusive partnerships in the local community.



Learn Lanna Muay Thai – northern-Thai-style kickboxing. The lessons are challenging, the workout is fun and the memories are unforgettable. Select between our indoor Rachawadee Residence, indoor Calm Room (up to 2 guests), outdoor Yoga Barn or outdoor Cocktail Lawn for your venue. THB 2,100 + 17.7% per person for 2–4 guests THB 1,800 + 17.7% per person for 5–8 guests 2–8 guests with 2 instructors, 60 minutes
Thailand's regional dialects vary greatly and can even be unintelligible to native speakers of Thai not familiar with the vernacular being spoken. Gam Meuang, the Northern Thai dialect, is no exception and in addition to an entirely different. Today, most northerners are proud of their native language, and speaking a few words of the local lingo will go a long way in getting them to open up. Select between Chaan Baan, Rim Tai Kitchen and Rachawadee for your venue. THB 1,000 + 17.7% per person Maximum of 10 guests, 60 minutes
MAKE TOONG (Northern Thai Flag)
Decorative and lively, traditional Lanna 'Toongs' are long hand-made flags that adorn street sides and temples during festivals. Our experts will show you how these typically Northern Thai embellishments are created at the Rim Tai Kitchen. THB 700 + 17.7% per person Maximum of 10 guests, 60 minutes
An intricate arrangement of flowers, folded banana leaves and even candles, the Krathong is central to the Thai festival of Loy Krathong. Learn to assemble these floating tributes in a one-on-one session at the Rim Tai Kitchen. THB 700 + 17.7% per person Maximum of 10 guests, 60 minutes
Delightful and refreshing, Thai desserts favour the finest fruits of the season. Join us as we create some classics in an interactive session at the Rim Tai Kitchen. THB 3,500 + 17.7% per person 8–20 guests, 90 minutes
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