Four Seasons Beirut


Home to a culturally diverse population of over 3.4 million, Beirut is both Lebanon’s capital and its largest city and seaport. Set on a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean Sea, its central position on Lebanon’s coast makes Beirut an excellent base for exploring the country.


Founded by the Phoenicians in the 15th century BC, Beirut is a historic city with a decidedly modern outlook, epitomised by the new Beirut Central District. Phoenician, Roman, Crusader and Ottoman remnants may be found a stone’s throw from sparkling new shopping areas and trendy nightclubs. Beirut’s lively nightlife and cosmopolitan sophistication are significant attractions of this picturesque seaside town.


Unlike other Middle Eastern countries, Lebanon has no desert. A mountainous central spine runs parallel to the sea coast, offering many opportunities for outdoor adventure close to Beirut, from scuba diving to skiing. Beaches dot the rugged Mediterranean shore, and day trips include well-preserved archaeological destinations such as the Roman ruins of Baalbeck, also the site of a major annual music and theatre festival.


Casting a prominent waterfront profile in the new Beirut Central District, Four Seasons is close to everything you'd wish to visit in the city, yet distinctively set apart.

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