Mini Boot Camp

Rediscover your favourite fitness routines and take up exciting new challenges in a lush valley in Northern Thailand! The Mini Boot Camp package offers the perfect combination of health and luxury – in signature Four Seasons style.


At the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, there is inspiration everywhere – from majestic mountains to shimmering rice fields. Perhaps the most rewarding experience is the practice of yoga and meditation in such soulful surroundings, guided by our deeply talented resident yogi. Later, a detoxifying treatment at the spa cleanses and refreshes the body, mind and spirit.


Boot Campers can also enjoy a personalised introductory lesson to strength training/body toning, and join the local farmers for a crash course in rice planting. The numerous trails amidst paddy fields and tropical trees offer hours of active fun – go for long walks and scenic runs, with glimpses of local life along the way. Bicycling enthusiasts will love the Tour de Mae Rim, a guided bicycling excursion through the lush valley. Before you leave to re-enter the real world, clear your mind and uplift your spirits with a final meditation session.


For longer fitness-focused adventures, contact the Resort for a customised Boot Camp package.

Why you'll love it


  • Day 1
    • Personalised consultation for a customised Boot Camp experience
    • 60-minute Muay Thai session
    • Rejuvenating dinner of fresh ingredients and local flavours
  • Day 2
    • Energizing breakfast of superfoods and fresh fruit 
    • Private yoga – breathing, asanas, movement, meditation 
    • Power-packed lunch to keep you going
    • Detoxifying spa treatment to cleanse and refresh body, mind and soul
  • Day 3
    • Bicycling tour of the lush Mae Rim valley with the General Manager 
    • Nutritious breakfast featuring healthy, tropical produce 
    • Meditation to calm the mind and find your center 
    • Personalised consultation for continued fitness inspiration