The island of Hawaii has some of the clearest waters in the world. The views of the turquoise waters make jumping in for an underwater adventure enticing and a must-do while on the island.



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    Great Day for a Beach Day

    Some of the most picturesque beaches in the world are just a short drive away from the Resort. All up and down the Kona-Kohala coastline are pockets of paradise, nestled within the dramatic lava rock surroundings. Nearby beaches include the iconic Hāpuna Beach and Kua Bay, which are consistently voted as the best in the world. These beaches are easily accessible by car, though some neighboring beaches need 4x4 capabilities to access.

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    Hawaii Island Snorkel Experience

    Jump on one of our trusted partners’ tours of the many amazing bays along the west side of the island. Choose from a short four-hour tour, to a longer tour including lunch. Our concierge team has no shortage of recommended partners to ensure that you have an amazing, adventurous viewing of the beauty underneath the turquoise waters of Kona.

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    Marine Life Tours

    Every day, just a step off the Island shores, the ocean is alive with animal activity. Dolphins travel along the Kona coastline, jumping and playing in the pristine blue waters. Jump in and listen to these playful mammals from underwater or view from the boat – whatever way you prefer, you will be entranced by these amazing creatures.

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    Manta Ray Dives

    Swimming with the manta rays has often been called one of the top 10 things to do in your lifetime. Either snorkel or scuba (if you have the certifications) and see these amazing creatures as they flip and dance underwater just inches from your nose. 

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    Deep Sea Fishing

    Kona is known as the “mecca” of sport fishing in Hawaii. This is largely due to its close proximity to a huge ocean drop-off which descends thousands of feet to the ocean bottom, inviting fish of all kinds to the waters of Kona. A day of sport fishing is an unforgettable addition to your Hawaii vacation.

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    Kayak Tours

    If you don’t mind mixing some exercise in with your ocean exploration, kayak tours can get you to places you might not even be able to hike to. Concierge will help advise you of the tour that matches whatever level of adventure you are seeking.

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    Alaka'i Nalu

    The Alaka‘i Nalu, or “leaders of the waves,” are Hualalai’s ocean ambassadors. They will not only share their skills in water sports, but also their love and knowledge of Hawaiian culture and the ocean life around us.