The Alaka 'i Nalu, or “leaders of the waves,” are Hualalai’s ocean ambassadors. They will not only share their skills in water sports, but also their love and knowledge of Hawaiian culture and the ocean life around us.


The warm, crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean is their ultimate playground, and they can't wait to share it with all of our guests. Ocean activities include outrigger canoe paddling, stand-up paddling, Ribcraft rides, scooter snorkel, and more. Take advantage of complimentary snorkel gear, including prescription masks, to explore the world waiting just under the surface of the water. See a variety of species of fish, honu—and if you're lucky—a pod of spinner dolphins! All activities can be booked with the Oceanfront Concierge or at the Hale Nalu located at the southern end of the property at Kukio Beach.

Beach and Ocean

Ocean Adventures


    Come experience the new Alakai Nalu hale. This relaxation lounge offers complimentary snacks and drinks, shaded seating, lockers, a television, towels and sunscreen. This new inviting space will help enhance your experience whether you choose to partake in ocean activities or stay on land and converse with our knowledgeable watermen and women.



    Kukio Beach is located near the Hale Nalu on the southern end of the Resort. Guests can either make an appointment to be picked up from the Lobby or take the scenic walk along the oceanfront trail from Residents' Beach House (allow 30 minutes).

Hours of Operation

Oceanfront Concierge (Reservations) 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (daily)
Hale Nalu/Alaka 'i Nalu (Ocean activities at Kukio Beach) 7:00 am – 2:30 pm (daily)
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    Explore secluded beaches and secret snorkel spots, swim with playful spinner dolphins, watch a manta ray glide through water or be awed by a Humpback Whale breach in the distance. This private charter is customized to be your perfect day on the water.

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    Hop aboard our 28-foot (8.5-metre) ribcraft with the Alaka‘i Nalu. Extensive reefs along the North Kona coast make for fascinating snorkelling. You might even come face-to-face with our 'lucky' green sea turtles or the graceful manta ray.

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    A signature Hualalai experience, explore the Ka'upulehu coast just as Hawaiian Ali'i (chiefs) did in ancient times. Our Alaka'i Nalu will teach you the basic skills of outrigger paddling and steer you through the waves for an unforgettable couples or family adventure.

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    Improve your paddling skills or increase your strength and endurance while on the water under the expert tutelage of the Alaka'i Nalu. Ages 12 and up.

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    There's a reason Stand Up Paddling or SUP is considered the fastest growing water sport in the world! It offers a fun way to gain a new perspective on the water. While standing, you can take in amazing views, the endless stretch of blue water around you and the ocean life just below your board. Paddle at a relaxing pace or increase your speed for a full-body, exhilarating workout. 

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    Power snorkel using an underwater scooter! Skim the surface or effortlessly free dive to view the reefs and marine life up close.  Intermediate, Advanced and Expert models available. Ages 12 and up.

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    There's a wondrous world waiting just under the water. Hover above vibrant corals and shoals of kaleidoscopic fish just a short swim from the shore. Complimentary snorkel equipment including fins, snorkels and masks are available through the Alaka'i Nalu and at King's Pond.

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    A truly epic experience! Each year, between January and March, Humpback Whales migrate to our warm, Hawaiian waters to give birth and mate. Leave directly from the Resort on our ribcraft as the Alaka'i Nalu share their knowledge of the whales habits and history. Less than a mile from our shore is some of the best whale watching water on the Island. Watch with amazement as mother whales teach their babies to splash and play. Heard through our hydrophone speaker, the male whales mating calls provide an otherworldly soundtrack to the day.

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    Get towed behind a small boat and experience the sensation of flying underwater! 

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    Alaka'i Nalu team members are quite impressive in the water, and they have some land sport expertise as well. Join a team member as they cruise around the golf course on the new Onewheel fleet. You'll be able to explore the golf course "waves" like never before. It's the perfect solution if you're looking for a fun activity but don't feel like jumping in the ocean, or if the waves are a little too big for a paddle.