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Ka'upulehu Cultural Center

Located below the Hualalai Grille, on the makai (ocean) side of the golf pro shop, Ka‘upulehu Cultural Center offers interactive programmes and interpretive resources and displays to create a living picture of Hawaii’s environment, culture, history, traditions and arts. Mauka to makai (mountain to ocean) activities highlight the traditions of old Hawaii and take you on a voyage through history.


The experience begins with a map of the islands of Polynesia inlaid into the wooden floor. Original paintings by Hawaiian artist and historian Herb Kawainui Kane depict inhabitants of a typical coastal Hawaiian village.


Daily 8:30 am – 4:00 pm


Daily classes and exhibits


Mauka to makai enhance the cultural experience of Ka‘upulehu and bring to life its sense of place. Some of these include:


Star navigation

Learn how the crew members of the Hokule‘a, the first double-hulled canoe to sail over the Pacific Ocean to Tahiti, navigated by the stars. Your cultural specialist explains the art of travelling the ocean without instruments, using only the natural elements. You will view the stars that helped the crew in the ancient art of way-finding.


Hawaiian language

Although it may sound intimidating, the Hawaiian language uses just five vowels and eight consonants. This class helps visitors understand the origins and basic pronunciation of the language. Guests will learn translations of commonly encountered words and share the legends of place names such as Ka‘upulehu.


Hula lessons

Learn the basic steps of the hula. A variety of classes are offered throughout the week, including 'Auana (Modern), Kahiko (Ancient) and Keiki (Children).


Kupuna programme

Kupuna (Hawaiian elders) are available on occasion to teach and share cultural knowledge on topics such as making flower leis, feather leis and ipu (gourds), playing the ukulele and weaving lauhala.


Oral history

This programme explains the concept of the ahupua‘a (a land area usually running from mountain to sea) and the basics of community life within it. Learn how Hawaiians sustained life using only the fruit and vegetation from this region.


Ukulele lessons

Although identified with Hawaii, the ukulele originated in Portugal, fashioned after the Spanish guitars of the vaqueros (cowboys). While the ukulele is relatively easy to play, it can be tough to master. Here, you can begin by learning a simple tune through demonstration and participation.

Programs change frequently. Please consult the Cultural Center staff for the latest details. Examples of other classes may include:


  • Hawaiian quilting
  • Feather art
  • Making leis
  • Weaving
  • Bamboo stamping – make a bookmark
  • Shell crafts – make a bracelet
  • Ancient Hawaiian games


Note: Most programs are complimentary, although a nominal fee for supplies may apply in some classes. Classes and programs may change without notice. Some classes may have age restrictions. Guests under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while visiting the Cultural Center.