Body Treatments

Aloe Tí Leaf Wrap

Overexposure to the sun causes long-lasting damage to your skin. After a long day in the sun, give yourself and your skin a refreshing escape! Allow yourself to be immersed in our exceptionally soothing aloe vera body wrap. This cool, hydrating body treatment will deeply hydrate, soothe, repair and renew your skin.

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 185 - 245

Coffee Mocha Scrub

Indulge your body with the sweet smell of coffee and chocolate. Coffee-infused salt, cacao nibs, dried island hibiscus flowers and cocoa butter will invigorate, tighten, smooth and moisturize your skin. Excellent for dry, tired skin, leaving you with a bright and healthy glow.

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 195 - 265

Green tea water cure and wrap

Stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by a green tea, lavender and peppermint-infused bath, and then with a green tea oil massage and wrap. While enveloped, receive a face, neck, scalp and foot massage. Your body will absorb the antioxidants and moisturizing properties of the green tea oil.

105 Minutes
USD 325

Hau'oli wawae (foot, neck and scalp treatment)

“Take care of your soul” while you enjoy this divine foot treatment, followed by a healing and balancing foot massage to calm and reduce stress in the body, mind and spirit. A luxurious face, scalp and neck massage is included. Excellent for expectant mothers. 

50 Minutes
USD 190

Hawaiian Rainforest Scrub

The Maile fragrance is delicately grassy with subtle notes of sandalwood evoking the sweet, earthy aroma of the ancient Hawaiian rainforests. It is an aromatic exfoliating experience that will invigorate, brighten and moisturize your skin.

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 195 - 265

Island glow

This natural blend of sugar cane, coconut oil and island honey, hand mixed with locally grown organic vanilla beans and fragrant cinnamon is an aromatic exfoliating experience that leaves skin feeling velvety smooth and soft.

80 Minutes
USD 245

Passion Fruit Scrub

This tangy and refreshing scent features citrus notes and a hint of mango that will invigorate and stimulate your senses.

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 195 - 265

Polynesian niu (coconut) scrub

Our luxuriously tropical treatment combines coconut with other luscious island ingredients to gently polish and hydrate your skin. This service may be enjoyed as either a 50-minute Scrub or an 80-minute Scrub and Wrap combination.

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 195 - 265

Water Cures

All 50-minute Water Cures include skin brushing, scalp and foot massage and bath, plus an herbal infusion. All 80-minute Water Cures include skin brushing, a 30-minute massage and bath plus an herbal infusion.


Soak yourself into euphoria. Hawaiian Island salts are combined with pure essential oils to create the ultimate relaxation.  

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 165 - 245

Deep Renewal Detox

A stimulating and renewing Water Cure supports the cleansing of overburdened lymphatic or digestive systems. Active ingredients are absorbed by the body, promoting the removal of toxins.

Exotic Hibiscus & Moisturizing Coconut Milk

The sweet nectar of hibiscus flowers, combined with moisturizing vitamin-rich coconut milk, is softening and replenishing. The exotic fragrance alone will inspire you to slow down and reconnect. Immerse yourself in pure bliss.

50 - 80 Minutes
USD 165 - 245

Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to 4.166% tax.