Body Treatments

Awaken (100 minutes)

Experience the healing, detoxifying and enlivening effects of coffee on the body. This result-oriented treatment begins with a full-body brushing followed by a coffee, cinnamon and white clay wrap to remove dead skin cells and promote detoxification. Next, enjoy a coffee, cinnamon, cream and raw sugar scrub that helps stimulate circulation and rejuvenate the skin. To conclude the treatment, enjoy either an invigorating massage or a lymphatic drainage massage incorporating vanilla lotion to decrease water retention and enhance the slimming effects of the treatment.

100 Minutes
USD 360

Espresso (50 minutes)

This 50-minute Espresso version of our Awaken treatment concentrates the healing elements of cinnamon and coffee in a body scrub, and also includes an invigorating massage using vanilla lotion. 


50 Minutes
USD 210

45 Minutes
USD 180

Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice.