• Morning

    All Served with Juice and Morning Beverage


    (n) Continental Morning Bakeries and Sliced Fresh Island Fruit- Choice of Cereal, Tropical Muesli or Granola

    (n)(p) European Countryside Charcuterie - Swiss Cheese and Farmer’s Bread

    (gf)(n) ‘Bubur Ayam’ - Rice Porridge, Shredded Chicken in Roasted Coconut, Wild Ginger, Lemongrass and Scallion

    Smoked Tasmanian Salmon on Bagel with Garlic Cream Cheese, Onions and Capers

  • Light

    Caesar Salad, Baby Romaine, Garlic Croutons and Parmesan

    (v) Roast Pumpkin and Goat’s Cheese Salad - Toasted Almonds and Seeds

    (p) Fresh Rustic Tomato and Vegetable Soup with Basil and Prosciutto Sandwich

    Angus Steak - Plum Tomatoes, Onion Rings, Jalapeño Lemon Aioli on Ciabatta

  • Local

    (v) ‘Lumpia’ - Vegetables Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Sauce

    (n) ‘Soto Ayam’ - Traditional Spicy Chicken Broth, Glass Noodles, Sprouts, Lime and Fried Garlic

    (n) ‘Pad Thai’ Stir – Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Chicken, Shrimps, Lime, Coriander, Peanuts

  • Snack

    (gf) ‘Summer Rolls’ Smoked Salmon, Crunchy Vegetable in Rice Paper and Sweet Chili’s Dip

    (v) Vegetable Samosa and Tamarind Chutney

  • Sweet

    (n)(p)(a) Classic Tiramisu, Hazelnut Biscotti

    Selection of Balinese Sweets

    (gf)(v) Bowl of Tropical Fruit Salad

  • Kids

    Chicken Fried Rice with Vegetables

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    (a) Spaghetti With Bolognaise Sauce