Onsite Activities

On the Water

Maui is ripe with opportunities for overwater adventures. Sail aboard our luxury catamaran, the Ali Nui, and see gentle whales at play. Or board an outrigger canoe and explore the magnificent reef system surrounding Wailea Beach and the Resort. Ask your Concierge for more information or to book an excursion.



The Resort's newest fitness class combines yoga and stand-up paddleboarding, offering guests a unique way to take the their practice to new levels in an idyllic Maui setting.


There is no better way to start your day than yoga on the tropical waters. Enjoy gorgeous views and maybe even a visit from a Hawaiian sea turtle while improving flexibility, balance and strength. SUP Yoga classes are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings for USD 75 per person. Contact the Spa at +1 (808) 874–8000 for reservations. Availability is limited.


Whale Watching

Each year from December to April, humpback whales travel from the Arctic to Hawaii to mate. During peak times, they may even swim gently up to your boat.

Our whale-watching excursions begin at Maalaea Harbour. The Alii Nui, a custom-built 65-foot (20-metre) luxury sailing catamaran built in Portland, Oregon, brings guests to the whales. During peak whale-watching season, whales can be seen within 5-miles (8-kilometres) of Maalaea Harbour.

Although federal rules prohibit boats from approaching within 100 yards (90 metres) of a humpback whale, the whales are free to approach the boats. During peak times, the whales are all around and multiple pods may be seen at one time. It is not unusual for the whales to swim right up to the boat and make eye contact with passengers, or to swim under the boat.

Certified whale experts join guests aboard the Alii Nui, and imported and domestic beer, wine, sparkling wine and non-alcoholic beverages are served, as well as snacks, including mixed nuts, pretzels and trail mix. The boat is equipped with an underwater microphone called a hydrophone, which is dropped in the ocean so passengers can hear the songs of the whales. For the comfort of all passengers, excursions aboard the Alii Nui are limited to 60 guests.

Whale behaviours typically seen during excursions include:

  • Spy hopping – when whales raise their heads up out of the water (researchers believe they are looking at their surroundings)
  • Breaching – when whales jump completely out of the water (researchers believe they may do this to get barnacles off their backs)
  • Tail slapping – when whales raise their tails out of the water and slap them on the ocean surface, also called "sounding" (researchers believe this may be a way of communicating with other pods)

Mother whales may also be seen teaching these behaviours to their calves.

December 15 to April 15
Every day from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Check-in time is 1:30 pm at Slip 56 at Maalaea Harbor, a 30-minute drive from the Resort.

outrigger canoe


This complimentary program, offered four times daily from Monday through Friday, will introduce you to Hawaiian-style paddling techniques and terms. On the ocean, you'll get to practise your canoeing skills while enjoying the wala'au (talking story) provided by the guides, the Resort's championship paddling team. They'll share their thoughts about the neighbouring islands and the surrounding environment at two or three stops during the outing.

You'll have a chance to spot Hawaiian green sea turtles, various reef fish, manta rays and, during the season, Pacific humpback whales. You'll also learn the historical and cultural significance of the outrigger canoe, used by the first Hawaiians, who ventured to the islands from Tahiti.



Our story: paddle through history

Other Above-Water Activities

The Resort offers the following above-water activities and equipment on a complimentary basis:

  • Flotation jacket belts
  • Outrigger canoe program


The Resort offers the following above-water activities and equipment for an additional fee:

  • Boogie boards
  • Kayaks
  • Kayak adventure tours
  • Paddle boards
  • Surfing lessons
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Sunset sail
  • Water wings, for purchase at Ports
  • SUP Yoga