Haute Couture by Dr Burgener

The Pauline Burgener Haute Couture concept, developed by Dr. Burgener, is a revolutionary personalized skincare program, which combines the most sophisticated skin analysis technologies and treatments tailored to individual skin types.

Through a partnership with the luxury Swiss brand Dr Burgener, Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown has launched the Haute Couture concept, a personalized skincare treatment.

Skin diagnosis

The Haute Couture treatment begins with an in-depth analysis of the skin. This creates a skin identity card based on genetic and environmental mapping, highlighting its hereditary predisposition to aging. Using sophisticated measurement and analysis techniques, the depth of wrinkles, quality of skin capillaries, and hydration, lipid and melanin levels are assessed.

Tailored to your needs

The Haute Couture Studio has a direct link to the Center of Expertise where the diagnosis results are analyzed. The Haute Couture Center of Expertise brings together dermatology experts and Dr Pauline Burgener herself. The results will be used to determine a treatment program as well as a complete range of products which will be made to measure in the Pauline Burgener Laboratory in Switzerland.

From product to treatment

A follow-up program is established for each client, involving four identical consecutive cycles, each three months in duration. Regular treatments are carried out to revitalize the skin using the tailor-made products, to improve microcirculation, and to promote cellular regeneration.


A full re-analysis of the skin is conducted every three months. After each diagnosis, Dr Burgener tailors new products to meet clients’ needs.

Proven effectiveness

Clinical studies carried out at the University of Besançon by Professor Humbert clearly illustrate the effectiveness of the Haute Couture program for the skin in terms of a noticeable improvement in the depth of wrinkles, and in skin texture, firmness and radiance.

Further conditions may apply. Please allow two hours to experience this exclusive treatment. Call our Spa directly for pricing and booking information at 646-880-1990.