Wedding Cakes

Ron Ben-Israel Cakes is one of the finest couture cake studios of our time, known for innovative and impeccable creations. Founded by Ron Ben-Israel in 1999, the bakery and studio has recently relocated to a new, expansive location in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District, occupying an entire floor of The Nelson Building. From romantic inspirations to modern designs, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes will create a one-of-a-kind design for our Four Seasons bride with customized flavour profiles. Ron recommends the romantic choice of a champagne cake with Valrhona dark chocolate buttercream and fresh strawberries for your special day, or for the more passionate couple, he recommends choosing a coconut cake with Passionfruit with lime buttercream and salted caramel to end the evening with a spark. The RBI team cannot wait to work with you to create your wedding day dream cake.