Biologique Recherche Body

Relax and Nourish

Eliminate tension instantly with this massage treatment suited for the stressed and sleep-deprived. Warm up your body in preparation to relax, alleviate muscular burnout and promote renewed energy.

60 Minutes
USD 190

Drain and Firm

Detoxifying wrap and lymphatic massage combined with active essential oils stimulate circulation and reduce tissue pressure. Suited for travelers or those with a more static lifestyle, this treatment works out varicosity, water retention and tired legs.

90 Minutes
USD 400

Slim and Sculpt

Intense lifting and sculpting targets fat and cellulite-concentrated areas with active ingredients combined with dynamic massages that stimulate cellulite tissues and help to break down the adipose cells, creating a more contoured shape. Multiple treatments recommended for optimal results.

90 Minutes
USD 400

Regenerating Hand Treatment

Nourish, protect and prevent the skin against the signs of aging with this rejuvenating hand treatment. Perfect to add on to any face or body treatment.

30 Minutes
USD 80