Sensoria Land of Senses

Young family of four hike through forest trail under lush canopy of tropical trees

Blue is Sensoria’s color. Our smell is that of wild orchids and rain evaporating from rainforest soil. Our music is the drumming of many waterfalls, the roaring call of the howler monkey and the everlasting song of the cicadas. Warm thermal springs gurgle out of crevices in the jungle, under the watch of centennial trees creeks cheerily dance over stones, racing each other, finding each other, joining one another in daring leaps into bright, bright, bright pools of hypnotic blue. Along the 3 hours hike you may find 3 natural springs, waterfalls, 1 observation platform. Walk can be shorten as preferred Each way: 2.5 h (65 miles) Length of activity: full day

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