• Overhead view of three people wearing light-blue swim shirts and yellow flippers swim next to an instructor wearing an orange swim shirt and black flippers
  • A woman wearing a flowing yellow dress, a man wearing a white shirt and black pants and another man wearing a white shirt and khaki pants stand on the back of a sailboat smiling and looking out onto the ocean
Sail along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast while passing Guanacaste’s exotic bays and tropical jungles. Whether snorkelling in the bay or discovering pristine white sand beaches, take in mesmerizing views and sightings of dolphins and sea turtles, as you enjoy ice-cold tropical drinks and snacks onboard.
4 hours, 1 day
From USD 4940
Price List
Morning/Afternoon - Half Day - Up to 25 people
Flat Rate USD 4940
Full Day - Up to 25 people
Flat Rate USD 5840

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