• A Chef at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle picks ingredients for the Feast on Nature experience

Fine food is the best medicine, and here you can pick it yourself. 


Epicures, take note: Fine food is the best medicine at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle. In this lush region of jungles and wetlands, local tradition celebrates native plants as much for their healing abilities as for their flavours. Now, a Camp chef and a botanical expert are teaming up to take you on an exclusive herbal adventure that’s all about delicious, healthful ingredients.

Led by your expert guide, you’ll venture into the Camp’s natural surroundings, where you’ll learn about—and gather—a variety of plants used for local cuisine and traditional medicine. Stop at the Elephant Camp, the peninsula, and the lake to learn about edible and inedible bananas, different varieties of bamboo, and plants traditionally used by locals to treat common ailments. Your walk culminates with a lesson from the Chef, who will teach you how to turn your foraged finds into a tasty and healthy jungle-to-table meal. 

Experience subject to weather conditions.

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