Discover the art of cooking authentic Vietnamese, Indian and Korean cuisines from our talented chefs. Each ingredient is hand-picked from our organic garden and prepared to intricately enhance the balance of flavours and textures.


The Nam Hai Cooking Academy
Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
The Junior Academy
Daily 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Discover Vietnam’s Palate

  • Chef, woman in hat with basket pick herbs, greens from garden
    Homegrown produce

    Tour our herb and vegetable gardens, which grow more than 43 seasonal varieties for the academy.

  • Wagyu Beef Tomahawk on noodles with green lettuce, lime
    Work with a master

    Chef Huynh Van Hien customizes day- and week-long programs to immerse everyone in the culture behind Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Vietnamese rice pancake with beef wrapped in a lot leaf, prawns, crab and calamari spring rolls
    Junior Academy

    Even the little ones can try their hand at crafting favourite Vietnamese dishes during an hour-long course.

Meet the Team

Cooking Academy Chef Trang poses with a bowl of greens and other fresh ingredients


Growing up in the highlands of Vietnam where rich resources of fresh produce are easily found, Chef Trang has been crafting Vietnamese dishes using fresh ingredients from the surrounding farmlands since she was a girl. With constant encouragement from her mother and grandmother – from whom she learned the art of Vietnamese cooking – she realized her true calling in life was to become a chef and enrolled in a culinary school in Hoi An. There, she enriched herself with professional culinary skills before starting her career in a professional kitchen at age 20.

“Vietnamese cooking is characterized by a perfect blend of fresh ingredients, stimulating textures and distinct flavours that reflect a combination of five fundamental tastes – sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. It’s a pleasure for me to share this unique fare with the world.”

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