Hoi An, Vietnam (The Nam Hai)

Spa and Wellness

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Spa Services

Nature’s Touch Massages

Relax and recover with a wide range of healing massages.

Facial Blossoming

Advanced treatments lend you a more youthful and flawless complexion.

Earth-Enhancing Scrubs & Wraps

Indulge in soothing body cocoons and detoxifying exfoliation.

Core Connection Rituals

Discover physical and spiritual relief through the hands and hearts of inspired experts.

Rejuvenating Replenishers

For the ultimate holistic care, add a 30-minute specialty supplement to any treatment.

Bathing Ceremonies

Enjoy a blissful soak in a private, lotus-pond bath at the Spa or in the comfort of your own villa.

Children of the Earth

Create lasting memories together with your children with these treatments designed for guests ages 6 to 12.


We meet all your haircare and beauty needs.

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Wellness Services

Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga

Immerse yourself in the diverse wellness practices central to the Asian way of life, including private AntiGravity lessons and yoga classes.

A Goodnight Kiss to the Earth

Join us every evening as we fill the Spa Reception with the music of crystal singing bowls and bid “goodnight” to the Earth.

Relaxation Experiences