Visiting Practitioners

  • January 31 – February 13

    Tricia Tee – Pioneering Practitioner of Seifu

    Tricia Tee is one of the pioneering practitioners of Seifu in Southeast Asia. Originating in Japan, this gentle yet powerful therapy promotes self-healing of the body by aerating its biggest organ, the skin. For the first time in Bali, we bring you this incredibly relaxing and beneficial treatment.

Seifu Deep Relaxation – Recommended for Everyone
Focusing on meridian points, this treatment harmonizes Qi (life energy) in the body, enabling self-healing and stress relief. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from jet lag, chronic tiredness, muscle aches, joint pains, migraines or tension headaches. 60 minutes, IDR 2,100,000++
Seifu for Beauty Care – Recommended for Women
For women juggling multiple roles and expectations, this restorative and healing session of Seifu focuses on the feminine aspects of the body. Combined with a special blend of aromatherapy, this therapy is beneficial for women experiencing bloating, cramps, weak circulation, anxiety or hormonal imbalance. 75 minutes, IDR 2,625,000++
  • Portrait photo of spa healer Rashdy
    April 13 – 26

    Rashdy Ahmad - The Healing Hand

    Rashdy was born into a family of healers; his father was a medicine man, his mother a traditional midwife, and his grandfather practiced traditional cupping using buffalo horn. He studied under many traditional healers from a young age and started treating people at the age of 16. Passionate about helping people feel better, he is renowned for his knowledge and unique healing techniques that see him travelling the world, employing a range of modalities combined with traditional Malay oils to treat each individual’s specific needs and vastly improve their wellbeing.

Cupping Ritual
Drawing on Langkawi’s ancient cultural influences combined with local coconut oil, cupping (bekam in Malay) has been practiced locally for centuries to release stuck connective tissues, draw out toxins, reduce pain or inflammation, and improve circulation. Please note suction marks may be visible for up to 10 days. 60 minutes, IDR 2,100,000++ 90 minutes, IDR 3,000,000++
Energy Healing
Tailored to each individual’s needs, Rashdy uses Nur or spiritual power – a very intelligent energy without time frame or borders – that is inherent within us all. Placing his hand on the area requiring treatment, he draws on his intuitive skills as a Reiki master and Imara Reiki master to resolve physical, mental and emotional problems. 60 minutes, IDR 2,100,000++ 90 minutes, IDR 3,000,000++
Therapeutic Healing Massage
In this unique treatment, Rashdy combines deep-tissue massage and energy healing to manipulate the soft tissues within the body and resolve a range of musculoskeletal problems including pain and muscle spasm. Partly spiritual in nature, it also helps with psychological aspects: providing relaxation, improving confidence and reducing anxiety. 60 minutes, IDR 2,100,000++ 90 minutes, IDR 3,000,000++
  • Marco Della Valle, a visiting practitioner
    July 15 – 28

    Marco Della Valle – Sixth Sense Reading

    An evidential Psychic Medium with an international clientele, Marco provides guidance and direction to people across the globe. Along with connecting people with their loved ones who have passed over, Marco has worked on numerous unsolved crimes and missing persons cases and has a regular magazine column and radio segment in Australia.

Marco will connect with your aura to establish facts about your past, your present situation and help give you direction moving forward. Ideal for people who feel stuck in a current area of their life, need help with a situation or are wanting to know what is ahead, this session will provide you with practical and detailed information to take away.
Using his refined sixth senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, Marco will connect with your loved ones in spirit, providing evidence of who they are and what they want you to know. This is ideal for anyone wanting to connect with someone special, along with an opportunity to find closure with someone who has passed away. 60 minutes, IDR 2,100,000++
  • Chakra Balance Aura-Soma®
    July 26 – August 8

    Patricia Grace – Aura-Soma®

    Patricia is a level 2 Aura-Soma Teacher and Practitioner of Colour Therapies, with multiple qualifications in both practice and teaching from The Art & Science International Academy of Colour Technologies in the UK. She is also a certified Louise Hay Life Coach, workshop leader and energy healer.

Open the door to your self discovery; from a selection of more than 100 dual-coloured bottles, choose the four that you are most attracted to. Based on your choices, Tricia's consultation will draw on her insightful and intuitive colour therapy expertise to help guide you to awareness of your potential and issues from your inner self that may be underlying within the body – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 60 minutes, IDR 1,900,000 ++
Craniosacral Touch®
A very subtle energy-based treatment helpful for relaxation, convalescence and physical, emotional or mental overload. Restorative and enlightening, the Craniosacral Touch® session combines classic Craniosacral Therapy with Aura-Soma® Pomanders and Quintessences. For maximum effect, have an Aura-Soma consultation prior to your Craniosacral Touch® session. 75 minutes, IDR 2,100,000 ++
AromaTouch® is a simple and powerful encounter with aromatic oils. The purest therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the back, spine and feet with a gentle rhythmic movement. Simple yet effective, this treatment calms, uplifts and stimulates the immune system, restoring the nervous system and opening the senses. 60 minutes, IDR 2,100,000++
  • Shaylini Somani, a visiting practitioner
    August 7 – 20

    Shaylini – Chakra Balancing, Reiki And Energy Healing

    A gifted Reiki master and intuitive energy healer, Shaylini guides her clients to release emotional, mental and physical pain, imbalances and blockages and support an alchemical shift in energy leading to peace and joy. Behind all of Shaylini’s treatments lies a profound sense of divinity and reverence for our sacred self.

Intuitive Reiki Healing
A body scan will diagnose and treat imbalance using a variety of techniques including emotional body clearing, vibrational frequency rebalancing, karmic pattern cleansing, chakra cleansing and balancing, and energy healing restoration. 60 minutes, IDR 2,400,000++
Chakra Balancing
Through her transformative chakra balancing techniques, Shaylini replenishes the body’s life energy from the chakras right through to the cellular level while enabling the release of any depleted energies. This ensures optimal flow and even distribution of energy throughout each chakra, resulting in balance, elimination of disease, and powerful healing and cleansing. 60 minutes, IDR 2,400,000++
Divinely Guided Meditation
Shaylini’s meditation techniques will enable your body, mind and heart to open up more freely to renewal, growth and inner peace, cultivating a greater relationship with yourself and more awareness of your thoughts. As you begin to observe your thoughts, you will be guided through techniques to gently release emotional, physical and mental tensions. Private Session: 45 minutes, IDR 1,750,000++ Group Session: 45 minutes, IDR 1,200,000++
  • August 22 – September 5

    Justin Andries – Clairsentient

    Justin’s gift and passion is to help people achieve their full potential – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Soul Readings
Discover your soul’s purpose, your talents and gifts, and the blocks that are holding you back. Working with your Akashic Records (past lifetimes), your chakras and guides, Justin acts as a mirror to show you your full potential in this lifetime and the steps that can be taken to fulfill your purpose. 60 minutes, IDR 2,500,000
Intuitive Astrology
Using your birth details, Justin reveals your divine blueprint for this lifetime, your spirit’s purpose and lessons to learn. He also looks at current and upcoming planetary energies and how best you can use these in your daily life. 90 minutes, IDR 3,200,000
Guided Meditations
A gently guided journey to connect with higher consciousness, calm your mind and body. Deepen your own spiritual practice and strengthen your intuition. Private Session: 45 minutes, IDR 1,800,000 Group Session: 45 minutes, IDR 1,200,000