Aina Ahiahi - Hawaiian Dinner

Ahi Limu Poke, Hawaii in a dish shaped like a fish

Experience an authentic Hawaiian dinner featuring local flavors as part of our Like a Lanai Local special events; advance reservations required.  ($) Dishes may include specialties such as: Poi (steamed and prepared taro) Laulau (Pork or beef and butterfish in steamed taro leaves, wrapped in ti leaves) Puaa Kalua (house-smoked shredded pork) Ahi Poke (fresh Hawaiian raw tuna cubed and seasoned) Hee Poke (sliced octopus seasoned with Hawaiian salt, limu (seaweed), green onion, and other seasonings) Luau Hee (octopus and taro leaves steamed in a stew of coconut milk and other seas)