Visiting Masters

  • A portrait of Visiting Master Ryko Kalinko striking a healing post with the sun shining brightly behind him
    Postponed Until Further Notice


    An internationally renowned healer, qigong master and natural wellness mentor, Ryko specialises in relieving chronic or longstanding pain. South Africa-born and Australia-raised, his 20 years of experience has seen him develop a unique, pioneering modality: Guided Chi Healing. Ryko has taught wellness practices to thousands, including Hollywood celebrities, international sports stars and Fortune 500 CEOs, and instructed countless more in meditation, tai chi, yoga and dance. Uniting western and eastern approaches to healing (including kahuna, remedial massage, acupressure, reflexology, polarity therapy, shiatsu and reiki) his techniques truly have to be experienced to be believed.

Guided Chi Healing, Qigong, Lifestyle Coaching and Body Work
A combination of massage and guided meditation, this amazing technique teaches individuals how to use their mind to command the energy within their body. The result? A life-long tool that can be used for everything from pain management to increased vitality. Elixir Flow Yoga: A fast-moving practice designed to improve energy flow through the body Yin Yoga: A deeply relaxing yoga session with a focus on stillness within individual poses Tai Chi Qigong combining breathing exercises with mindful movement Meditation Practices from various traditions, including Buddhist, Yogic and Taoist Self-healing Techniques: Discover the healing power that lies within our minds and hands Signature Private Healing Sessions: Guided Chi Healing | Remedial bodywork for chronic pain relief | Reiki | Reflexology | Kahuna Bodywork Private Wellness Session: A personal tailored approach ensuring a one-on-one focus