• Headshot of visiting hypnotherapist Jessica Boston
    March 27 – April 12


    Named one of the Best Wellness Practitioners and Top 5 Hypnotherapists in London by “Evening Standard,” Jessica Boston is a multi-award trauma-informed practitioner with more than a decade’s experience supporting her clients through hypnotherapy and meditation. Her debut sound meditation album, “This Feeling is You,” was featured in the Top-Ten Coolest of the Week by “GQ” and POPSUGAR, and performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA).
Discover a safe space within yourself as you and Jessica focus on the wisdom and beauty of nature, as well as your skills, capabilities and growth potential. 45-minute group session – USD 80 per person Every Day, 5:00 pm
Explore the stories, narratives and perspectives that are keeping you in a stress-response state and reset your subconscious mind for ease, lightness and relaxation. 30 minutes – USD 195
Release stuck and stagnant emotions, such as fear and anger linked to past experiences, and reclaim the energy that went into your survival for increased motivation, presence, alignment and clarity. 60 minutes – USD 295
Optimize your relationship with your nervous system and learn empowering tools and strategies to take care of yourself, as well as feel an enhanced sense of flow, joy and confidence for your future. 90 minutes – USD 375
Restore – The Full Package
This extensive self-exploration combines all of the aforementioned sessions’ benefits so that you can start afresh with a renewed sense of determination and focus. Restore your nervous system and acquire your greatest ally for success: your subconscious mind. Five sessions (Three 60-minute and two 30-minute) – USD 885
  • Visiting sound practitioner David Kennet plays traditional island flute during an outdoor sound session
    April 15–28


    Musician, voice coach, massage therapist and holistic nutritionist David Kennet brings multiple skills to his intuitive sound therapy. Having cured himself of chronic childhood asthma through singing, his performance debut came at age 21 at New York City’s Lincoln Center, kick-starting a global 25-year career that recently included appearances on MTV’s “The Hills” and NBC’s “The Today Show.” Kennet is passionate about the transformative benefits of sound therapy – from better sleep and trauma release to improved confidence, focus and clarity.
This ancient inward voyage guided by Kennet via an intuitive musical tapestry of voice, harp, drum, euphone, flutes and crystal singing bowls helps you reconnect to your heart’s centre and communicate with all body systems. These sessions are interactive, allowing you to discover how to apply intentional sound to help transform your everyday life. 60-minute group session – USD 130
This customized full-body tune-up uses the power of sound – through voice and instrumental harmonies and rhythms – along with craniosacral therapy and reiki to help awaken your inner healer. 45 minutes – USD 325 60 minutes – USD 350 75 minutes – USD 375
Give yourself the gift of inner peace with this empowering and transformational sound voyage. When focusing on your personal goals, intentional sound helps melt away tension and deeply rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit. 45 minutes – USD 325 60 minutes – USD 350 75 minutes – USD 375

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