Take a look at the portfolio of acclaimed Maui-based fine art photographer Daniel Sullivan and it’s immediately obvious that he sees the world through a unique perspective. His singular ability to capture the beauty of a particular place in a particular moment is a testament to his passion for exploration and discovery.

Daniel’s love for and familiarity with Maui is unmatched. He has trekked long distances along Maui’s dramatic coastline and through the lush rainforests that skirt the island’s barren volcanic peaks. Using his intimate knowledge, Daniel leads one of Four Seasons Resort Maui’s Unforgettable Experiences – a one-of-a-kind photography tour that enables you to experience the beauty of the island as you’ve never seen it before, from black sand beaches to hidden waterfalls.

Based on his many photographic expeditions around the island, we asked Daniel to come up with his favourite places to photograph on Maui. Here are his top ten – enjoy the journey!

1. Wai'anapanapa

The word Wai'anapanapa in Hawaiian means glistening waters, a reference to the beautiful freshwater springs that fill the sacred caves near Wai'anapanapa’s famous black sand beach. Nestled just outside of the town of Hana, Wai'anapanapa also features hidden lava tubes, petroglyphs and a portion of the legendary King’s Highway, which once encircled the entire island.

2. Ke'anae

Taro, long a staple crop in Hawaii, has been grown by Hawaiians for more than 500 years in Ke'anae. Over that time, very little has changed on this small peninsula, which offers a glimpse of old Hawaii. Legend says that Ke'anae was once made up of barren lava, but the ancient peoples transformed it in to a lush, fertile area by bringing in soil in baskets.

3. Honomanu Falls, Road to Hana

With countless waterfalls, bamboo forests and epic coastal vistas, this is the most breathtaking road on Maui. At its end is Hana, a small community isolated on Maui's easternmost point that is famous for retaining the authentic charm of old Hawaii. The 52-mile (84-kilometre) road to Hana is famous for its 620 curves and 59 one-lane stone bridges.

4. Hookipa Beach in Pa'ia

This beach on Maui's north shore is famous for the international surfing and windsurfing competitions that occur on its waves. When the waves aren’t breaking, take a walk along the sands and you might discover a few honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) or monk seals.

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5. Dragon’s Teeth

This jagged outcropping was formed when lava from West Maui Volcano met the ocean on the island’s northwestern shore over 300,000 years ago. Resembling giant black teeth protruding from a giant jaw – hence its name – this is also the site of an ancient burial ground.

6. Kahakuloa Head

This dramatic stretch of coastline is dotted with heiau (temples) and resounds with the sound of crashing waves. Off the beaten path and well away from the crowds, the road to Kahakuloa is notoriously difficult to drive.

7. The King’s Highway

This 700-year-old road built was by King Pi’ilani and was the first road to circumnavigate an entire Hawaiian island. Today the road is a broken circle, but its remnants can be found along the coast near La Perouse Bay and Wai’napanapa State Park.

8. Paia

This small town on Maui’s north shore is home to Daniel’s gallery, Indigo Paia, and some of the best shopping on Maui. Voted the best hippie town in America, Paia has rustic charm and a collection of great restaurants.

9. Seven Sacred Pools

Located in Haleakala National Park, the Seven Sacred Pools are especially beautiful at sunrise, when the rays of the sun seem to ignite the waters of each pool. Hike up the Pipiwai Trail through the bamboo forest to get a glimpse of one of the most breathtaking waterfalls on Maui, which cascades from pool to pool.

10. Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu Beach)

Formed by a cinder cone called Kauiki Hill, Red Sand Beach looks particularly beautiful contrasted with the blue ocean lapping its shores. Though a little hard to find, this gem is well worth the hunt.

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