Indulge in a spa treatment and treat your little one to a Wellness Workshop at The Spa while you relax.

Wellness For All Ages

A smiling man and two toddler girls play with blocks

How it Works

  • All classes have a minimum age requirement, which varies based on the class. Check the schedule for this information.
  • All of our wellness workshops are available to book for private and group experiences. Please speak with a Spa Coordinator regarding availability and pricing.
  • Classes and workshops are available by request only.

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Portrait of interior designer and crystal healer Rashia Bell

Rashia Bell

Energetic interior designer and crystal healer Rashia Bell is the co-founder of The Cristalline, a multi-faceted lifestyle company that works to help create balance within all areas of life. A graduate of both the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York School of Interior Design, she has also completed two Crystal Healing Certifications. Rashia leads workshops, private events and retreats around the world and works to show her clients how to find balance both within themselves and the spaces they live and work in.

Portrait of Dr. Deganit Nuur, spiritual teacher, intuitive, acupuncturist, writer and lecturer

Deganit Nuur

Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, intuitive, acupuncturist, writer and lecturer. Nuur was named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop. Nuur created and teaches the revolutionary Nuurvana Method that seeks to integrate mind, body, and spirit. The Nuurvana Method goes beyond what meets the eye to heal the spiritual plane, resulting in profound shifts in mind and body and thereby reintegrating spirit into alignment with one’s true purpose and passion.

Liza Colpa

Liza is an authentic, passionate, playful registered Yoga Alliance teacher. With proper certifications, and over eleven years of personal practice, she specializes in Hatha Yoga, Adaptive and Gentle Chair Yoga, and Pre/Postnatal Yoga. She believes that yoga is about inclusivity, personal growth, and a journey “of the self, through the self, to the self.” Liza is as inspired by sharing her yoga journey with others, as much as students and fellow yogis inspire her to keep sharing the love of yoga.
A smiling Nicole Erickson Sievers in a scoop-neck blue sweater


By teaching dance over the past 23 years, Nicole has seen children’s lives transformed through positive touch, unique connections, emotional awareness, physical activity, coordination and confidence. Dance gives children the ability to push through negative boundaries they feel they’re up against daily, including overly stimulating environments and a society that can promote negative self-image. Nicole’s classes invite students to have the freedom of expression and to gain richer self-esteem and more respect for their peers and the adults in their lives.
Health expert and personal trainer Mickey Hodges stretches while holding a medicine ball.

Mickey Hodge

Mickey is a health expert and personal trainer making a presence in the fitness world one burpee at a time. Her passion for healthy living and exercise came naturally for her because she grew up dancing and always being active and aware of the food she would eat. Her subtle touch and assertive training style has been a perfect combination to obtaining proven results with her clients. Mickey has the strength, will and focus to push through any obstacle to reach her attainable goal…to get everyone fit mentally, spiritually and physically.
Competitive swimmer, teacher and coach Kate Weymouth poses in the pool near the ledge.

Kate Weymouth

Kate has over 15 years of competitive swimming, teaching, and coaching experience. Beyond her personal swim journey, Kate has extensive experience coaching the sport and teaching young swimmers. She taught swim lessons to children ages 5–12 throughout high school and college, where she focused on building children’s confidence in the water to ensure they developed long-lasting skills in the pool. Her competitive training experience includes coaching advanced youth swimmers at Colgate University Swim School and advising aspiring triathletes on how to improve their stroke technique and endurance.
Instructor and healer Faye Farren in the spa

Faye Farren

Faye studied philosophy at the New School, and continued her education at Goddard College in Vermont, where she studied green medicine and fine arts. When she later discovered the art of massage, it seemed a natural fit and an extension of her creativity. Faye attended the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy and specializes in prenatal and postnatal massage, with previous experience in a prenatal spa. Whether it is aromatherapy, deep tissue, or sports massage, Faye allows her intuitive abilities to flow freely with the purest intentions, to leave each client feeling whole, calm and more aware of their inner self and journey.
Rossella Fabbri, also known as Professora Lua, in a white outfit, holding classroom props.

Professora Lua

Based in NYC, Professora Lua has been educating both children and adults about Brazil’s vast and vibrant cultural heritage for over two decades. Through movement, rhythm and musicality, Professora Lua developed a program blending playful games, creative exercises and musical instruments as tools for children to support the development of their physical and mental abilities. Lua also holds an advanced body therapy license, which focuses on energy work such as Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Reiki. Speaking a total of five languages, Professora Lua continues to train and inspire though the US, Europe and Brazil.