Learn the secret ways of sumo, go bar-hopping through historic streets or soar over the glittering cityscape in a private helicopter. At Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, our knowledgeable concierge team opens doors to incredible, exclusive experiences. Let us custom-make an itinerary that takes you on an unforgettable adventure through our intriguing city.
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  • Kodo incense appreciation

Kodo (The Way of Incense)

Step into a perfumed world brimming with history. Kodo is the classical Japanese art of incense appreciation. Join a Kodo master for a session of Kumiko, an incense-comparing game that dates back to the Heian period. As you “listen” to each fragrance and note its distinctive characteristics, discover the mysteries of Japan’s 1,400-year-old incense culture. Each workshop is hosted by a Kodo master from the Oie school of aristocrats, founded in the 16th century. 90-minute workshop (2–8 participants)
  • Suibokuga ink wash painting

Suibokuga (Japanese Ink Wash Painting)

Unearth an ancient form of ink wash painting, prized for its precision and subtlety. Celebrated ink artist Shukou Tsuchiya will teach you to work with traditional materials such as ink “stones” and washi paper. Preparing the ink creates a state of profound awareness, while the delicate brushwork demands intense focus. The, free your imagination and express your creativity with this deeply fulfilling process. 120-minute WORKSHOP (UP TO 6 participants)
  • Two sumo wrestlers participate in a match


Go behind the scenes of Japan’s legendary national sport at a sumo-beya, the “stables” where professional sumo fighters train and live. Enter this closely-guarded world with a local Japanese guide and observe the hefty rikishis in action as they push themselves to the limits of endurance. If your visit coincides with a sumo grand tournament (held in Tokyo during January, May and September), we’d be happy to help you book tickets. Early reservations are highly recommended.


This immersive experience takes you deep into the history, culture and beliefs of the fabled Edo period. Begin with a private tour of Kanda Myojin, an 8th-century shrine once frequented by the powerful Tokugawa dynasty. Guided by the Chief Priest, learn more about the three enshrined spirits, followed by a formal Shinto prayer ceremony. Next, make your way to Kanda Imasa, a traditional Edo-era shophouse, for an exclusive performance of ancient Japanese court music, known as Gagaku. Conclude with an authentic tea ceremony at Imada Tearoom, hosted by a master from the Edo Senke school. 3- to 4-hour tour (2–4 participants)
  • Glowing paper lanterns along alley at night


Take a walk on Tokyo’s atmospheric side at Golden Gai, hidden just behind the neon lights of Shinjuku. This authentic neighbourhood retains the charm of the 1950s, its narrow streets lined with mismatched bars and glowing lanterns. Chance upon an elusive Japanese whisky, wander into a Gothic drinking den, or raise an umeshu toast with newfound friends – you never know what the night will bring in Golden Gai.


Get swept up in the wonder and excitement of Kabuki, a highly-stylized form of drama featuring vibrant costumes and dynamic stage sets. With roots going back to the Edo period, this art form has graced Japanese theatres for over four centuries. To make the experience even more special, step into the silken folds of a kimono for the show – evocative of a bygone era in Japan. Our favourite store, Aki Ginza, stocks beautiful kimonos and has skilled staff on hand for dressing.
  • Helicopter looks over Tokyo city at night, Tokyo Tower with lights


Take to the Tokyo skies on an aerial adventure that is at once adrenaline-pumping and sophisticated. Come nightfall, hop aboard a private helicopter and soar high above the twinkling lights of Japan’s iconic capital. Each moment is extraordinary when you’re at the top of the world.


Take our complimentary bikes out for a spin and discover the neighbourhood’s many delights at your own pace – from the historic Otemon Gate and Yasukuni Shrine, to the National Museum of Modern Art. Our Chief Concierge’s curated routes take you through gingko-lined avenues, lush green pathways, and chic streets dotted with cafes and boutique stores. During cherry blossom season, stop by Chidorigafuchi (pictured above) for resplendent views of sakura.
  • Kurayami Gohan (Dining in the Dark)

Kurayami Gohan (Dining in the Dark)

Created as an antidote to the distractions of modern life, this meditative culinary journey is developed by renowned chef of temple cuisine, Reverend Kakuho Aoe of Ryokusenji Temple. As you sample an array of dishes in darkness, eating is elevated to meditation, bringing a new appreciation for each morsel. Reverend Aoe also invites you to reflect on the people behind the food on your plates, from farmers and transporters to purveyors and chefs. 90-minute workshop (2 participants)
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