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Spend an evening on the rooftop terrace at MIRU, named after the Japanese word for “view,” and savour Japanese cuisine against the backdrop of dreamlike sunsets and sparkling city views.


Miru is temporarily closed.

MIRU Highlights

Signature Dishes & Drinks

  • Salmon food detail with mustard miso

    Tataki-style with Mustard Miso

  • King crab foot detail
    King Crab

    Wakame and Sunomono

  • Cod food detail with pickles
    Black Cod

    Yuzu Miso and Pickles

  • Wagyu food detail

    Entrecôte with Teriyaki Truffle Sauce

  • Ki No Bi cocktail
    Ki No Bi

    Light and floral cocktail made from Ki No Bi Gin, Lillet Blanc, Elderflower and Cucumber & Dill Juice

  • Yuzu Biru
    Yuzu Bīru

    Fresh and zesty drink combining citrusy flavours of Yuzu Sake, Yuzu Sweet Tea, Rive Vinegar and Yuzu Tonic

The Team

Chef Marco with Prague backdrop

Marco Veneruso

Executive Chef
Asian cuisine has always been close to Chef Veneruso’s heart. The Michelin-distinguished chef is passionately curious about its exciting flavour combinations and creative approach to seafood, his personal staple.

“We wanted to showcase the best of what Japan has to offer, so we decided to go with truly premium dishes. However, I also wanted to bring in my own personal touch so that guests can look forward to a few unexpected surprises.”

Chef Marco with Prague backdrop

Mitsuru Tsukada

Regional Japanese Chef
Mitsuru Tsukada left Japan for language studies and found his calling as a chef instead. With experiences at renowned kitchens like Nobu and Izumi at Four Seasons Hotel Des Berges Geneva under his belt, Chef Tsukada draws inspiration from his extensive culinary experiences and fashions striking creations that represent his native culture.

“It was a pleasure for me to collaborate with Chef Marco and create a unique under-the-stars dining experience; which explores the essence of Japanese cuisine.”

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