Four Seasons Riyadh


  • Room Rate

    Best available room rate. Our most flexible option.

  • Bed and Breakfast

    Enjoy a perfect night's sleep followed by an expertly prepared meal from our top-rated chefs – a flawless way to start your day.

  • Weekend Family Getaway

    Enjoy 50% off a second room for children, complimentary meals and family activities, and so much more.

    Maximum Stay: 3 Nights

  • Weekend Spending Credit

    We've got everything you need for a relaxing weekend getaway, including a valuable Hotel credit.

    Minimum Stay: 2 Nights

  • Romantic Getaway Package

    Allow us to enhance your honeymoon or wedding anniversary celebration with special amenities designed for two.

  • Royal Romantic Package

    Book a romantic getaway in a spacious suite and we'll set the stage for romance with daily dining experiences, a soothing massage, and much more.