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Spa Services

Discovery Massages

Relax and recover with a wide variety of healing massages.


These à-la-carte additions to any treatment provide a little extra pampering.

Nail Treatments

Make your nails as flawless as your day.

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Wellness Services

Visiting Practitioners

The Circle of Connection Spa is hosting a series of Visiting Practitioners, offering you a rare opportunity to gain access to the industry’s leading and most sought-after wellness practitioners, during private or group sessions on Desroches Island.

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga unites mind, body and spirit in infinite harmony and offers many well-being benefits. Connect to self, senses and spirit with classes centred on movement, meditation and focused breathing.


Choose from three different workshops that focus on creating a sacred space, reconnecting the emotion of love or increasing self-awareness.

The Four Elements

Inspired by the four elements of nature, these wellness practices help the body and mind dive into a sense of deep release with Water, ground and encourage a sense of peace from Earth, nurture the soul and release stiffness with Air and energize to build up heat from within through Fire.

Meet the Team

Health and Wellness Expert Berto Pe�a Oses

Heriberto “Berto” Peña

Health and Wellness Expert
Having been immersed in the world of wellness and Ayurveda since the age of 12, Berto embodies the essence of a healer that will personalize experiences for each individual and setting, such as Afro Yoga (African dance combined with yoga). With a love for nature, health and helping others, he is committed to sharing his passion with anyone that crosses his path. His specialities include, Reiki, Sound Healing Therapy, Meditation and Shiatsu.

“There is depth in wellness and it comes in many forms. It can be introduced as a complement to a treatment or be an experience in its own right.”