Visiting Masters 2019

For the first time, the Circle of Connection Spa is hosting a series of Visiting Masters, offering you a rare opportunity to gain access to the industry’s leading and most sought-after wellness practitioners, during private or group sessions on Desroches Island.

  • February 21 – March 2

    Vijaya Laxmi – Astrologer, Rebirther, Healer, Numerologist and Tarot Card Reader

    An expert in Pranic Healing, Vijaya Laxmi combines her knowledge of a number of disciplines to identify the best treatment options for each individual, focusing on the two-part structure of the human body; the visible physical body, and the invisible energy body, known as the bioplasmic body. Private consultations are available in Cranial-sacral Therapy, Breath Work, Past-life-regression and Numerology and Tarot Card Reading.

  • March 6 – 26

    Dr. Sooraj – Ayuverdic Doctor

    Dr. Sooraj studied Ayurveda in Kerala, India, the place which stands out prominently in the backdrop of India's rich Ayurvedic tradition. Having eminent knowledge of science and being well versed in Pulse Diagnosis and treatments, he was trained under world renowned pulse readers and toxicologists in India and now provides personal recommendations in improving and balancing the three pillars of life; food, sleep and exercise. He also offers detoxification procedures and designs treatments according to health and constitutional needs.

  • April 2 – 10

    Tara Herron – Pranic Healer and Energy Therapist

    Tara is a global wellness and spa director, and an experienced Pranic Healer who integrates approaches to body mind therapy drawn from yogic massage, breathing, and meditation disciplines of balance and regeneration. Each session embraces the needs of the individual to bring deep, powerful and transformative results, releasing the build-up of emotional, physical and psychological stress.

  • May 25 – June 3

    Syrine Chinman – Master Teacher and Practitioner of Reiki

    As a former student of Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi, President of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan, Syrine’s lineage is one of the purest possible and only four generations from the earliest beginnings of this sacred art of energy healing. Fully customized Reiki sessions are given using a gentle, non-invasive and light touch technique, helping to alleviate physical problems, release stress, anxiety and tension.

  • June 22 – 30

    Susan Gwaltney – Chanting and Sound Healing, Meditation Therapy

    Susan Gwaltney is a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist and a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been trained by KRI in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She’s also a a certified Deeksha healer with Oneness University in India. Guests will be able to experience private sound healing sessions, where Himalayan bowls are placed and played on the body, which open and balance energy channels. Classes will be held in Kundalini Yoga and Meditations, which awakens the practitioner’s consciousness by using postures, mediation, breathing techniques, mudras (hand gestures) and chanting mantras. Her programs and training are modelled from the holistic components of a destination spa experience, and will incorporate a variety of healing modalities.

  • July 15 – 25

    Joao Santos – Physiotherapist

    Joao Santos is a highly regarded international wellness consultant and practitioner; a freelance professional masseur who performs integrated therapies and specializes in deep tissue/sports massage and foot reflexology. He travels the world as a visiting therapist and collaborates with leading spa brands. Joao has trained both at the prestigious Chiva-Som Academy in Bangkok and the Steiner Academy in London.

  • November 11 – December 1

    Cecil Plaut

    Cecil is a trained teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a program first introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi more than 50 years ago and now practiced by millions around the world. The TM technique is a simple, natural and effortless procedure practiced for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and evening while sitting comfortably with eyes closed, and has been scientifically validated by more than 600 independent scientific studies. With TM, an individual experiences a unique state of restful alertness, whereby the mind transcends all mental activity to experience the simplest form of awareness, where consciousness is open to itself. Cecil has been practicing TM regularly since he was 10 years old and spent more than eight years in long, deep meditation settings under Maharishi’s supervision. He will be offering the service of TM in a five sessions package during his time at the Resort.

  • December 15 – January 15

    Joao Lencastre – Tennis Coach

    Joao is a Portuguese tennis coach with 12 years of experience coaching people of different ages and levels. He also holds a Portuguese Tennis Federation coach course certificate. In addition to his coaching, Joao has been a tennis director in several five-star resorts around the world and knows just how to help you enjoy your vacation even more with the addition of a tennis lesson. His expertise allows him to coach beginners and play matches with advanced players. Joao will be offering individual and paired tennis lessons, as well as sharing some tips and tricks on how to play tennis like a pro. A discovery lesson will be available to purchase one time during your stay so that you can test the waters with Joao at a discounted rate.

Private sessions with the Visiting Masters are EUR 180 for 60 minutes or EUR 265 for 90 minutes, per person. Prices are subject to 26.5% taxes and service charge and may be booked by contacting the Spa directly at or at +248 422 9400.



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